Open art exhibit 'On the rocks'
August 3rd-20th 2022 Mark Jenkins artist of the year award, Open art exhibition 'On the rocks'

Exhibition & Events

May 2021 ~ Elmslie House, Malvern showcase

September 2021 ~ NHS Hereford Art Trail exhibit 'The storm has passed'

December 2021 - January 2022 ~ Worcester University open call exhibition 'Gold Strata'

December 2021 ~ Winner NHS volunteer Christmas card design 'Snowbells'

Summer 2022 ~ NHS Worcester Healthy Minds Poster awareness campaign ' Freedom'

August 2022 ~ Mark Jenkins 'Artist of the Year' Open art exhibition 'On the rocks', 'Alum Bay' 

September 2022 ~ National Doodle Day auction in aid of Epilepsy Action Charity 'Tutti Forest', 'Freshwater'

September 2022 ~ Worcester Film Festival exhibit 'Wizard of Oz'