'The quality and simplicity when I first saw the painting attracted me, I kept on seeing the enhanced nature and the beautiful colour.

I can now say that I own the painting and every day I can see different joyful pleasant details that give me joy for a few minutes...I can forget what a hard day it has been.

I hope one day I can afford to commission a large painting from Beverley that I can put in my study'

Martin Pedley, Derbyshire

' I bought an original painting from Beverley and immediately fell in love with it..

The art itself is beautiful but I was also blown away by her customer service.

Beverley not only delivered the painting to my house but I also received a handwritten note including 'Thankyou' in my own language.

Not to mention some added gifts from her artwork.

In my opinion, these gestures show your customers that you put your whole heart into your business and make them understand how unique you are.

I wish Beverley a succesfull career from the bottom of my heart.

- Vanda Szabo, Worcestershire