winter landscapes

Snow reached to the horizon and beyond
Each field covered with a thick white blanket
Skeletal trees appeared as black charcoal sticks

Standing against the bright white background
Undulating hills and vales stretched out untouched
Not a foot step to mar the pure virgin veneer
A scene that only Winter can bring

Such is nature's beauty, a landscape of snow

Deanna Samuels

In the air

51x51x4 Box Canvas

Textured acrylic with oil pastel
More photographs are available upon request.

Ready to hang


Winter blanket

51x41 Canvas board unframed

Deep textures, acrylic with oil pastel



Wooden hand painted landscape, bringing art to your decorations.

Deep snow textures repeated both sides


box of delights

Enchanting box for the coffee table, featuring textured snow hillside landscape with crimson painted interior. Should you like more photographs please send me a message.


landscape of snow


Textured acrylic & oil pastel on canvas board, unframed.

More photographs available, please message me if required.